Strengthening our research dimension

In order to strengthen our research dimension we will develop an IN.TUNE Research Cooperation Framework. The framework will include:

  • An inventory and comparative analysis of the existing resources, policies, traditions, fields of expertise and needs with regards to research in the alliance partners.
  • The establishment of IN.TUNE Knowledge Hubs as ‘European knowledge-creating teams’ bringing together (doctoral) students, teachers and researchers to develop, test and implement close cooperation in the area of research.
  • A joint approach towards the training and deployment of research supervisors.
  • The development of a IN.TUNE Repository of Research Outcomes, which will offer students and staff in the alliance the opportunity to publish their research outcomes in one coordinated digital repository.
  • The Position Paper on Research based on the experiences gained in the alliance.

The alliance will develop an IN.TUNE Policy on Capacity Building and Innovation in Learning & Teaching that will include continuing professional development opportunities for teachers and staff, as well as progressive joint curricular innovation scheme that will explore new approaches to Learning & Teaching in artist pedagogy.

Capacity building and innovation in learning & teaching