Reflecting on the IN.TUNE’s first 100 days: Celebrating Partnership, Successful Collaboration and First Achievements

Building Bridges

In this short time, the alliance has established a solid governance framework, underlining its commitment to excellence and cooperation among its member institutions. Strong internal communication and regular management meetings of various alliances bodies and among them, characterised by open discussion and effective collaboration across different committees and work packages, are ensuring we stay aligned and focused on our common goals.

The first in-presence meeting of the Alliance Management Team and the Administrative Committee in Bucharest (13-14 March) and the institutional visits of the core management team to partners in Paris, Belgrade, and Bucharest, brought more than the meeting agendas show. They were opportunities to connect, understand each other better, and lay the foundation for future work together. The IN.TUNE has also established connections with other European Universities, by participating in the European Universities Coordinators’ Meeting in Brussels (7-8 February) and joining the FOREU2 Global Forum, highlighting its commitment to the wider community of alliances and collaboration within the European higher education landscape.

Opening discussions on innovative Educational and Mobility Initiatives

Education is at the core of IN.TUNE, and we're already shaping the future with our work on innovative joint educational formats and e-learning solutions, within the dedicated work of the committees and working groups. It's not just about creating joint courses and mobility programmes; it's about reimagining the learning experience to create accessible and innovative learning environments for students across borders.

Advancements in Research, Capacity Building and Social Impact

In the realms of research and innovation, IN.TUNE has commenced initiatives to map the research strengths of its partner universities, setting the stage for future joint endeavours. Additionally, efforts in plans for the enhancement of professional development activities indicate a commitment to capacity building and continuous learning. Social engagement activities, including first steps in developing lifelong learning and entrepreneurship initiatives, have begun to take shape, highlighting IN.TUNE's role in contributing to societal development and individual career growth.

Spreading the tune

With over 270 attendees at our online kick-off, an appealing visual identity created and recognized, and our growing social media presence, contributed to IN.TUNE’s raising profile. With the website expansion in sight and upcoming open events and meetings in The Hague, Helsinki, and Barcelona on the horizon, plenty of opportunities for involvement and engagement are coming up.

Thank you to everyone who's been a part of this journey. Here's to continuing our shared mission of transforming education and research, fostering innovation, and creating a lasting impact. Stay IN.TUNE(d) for more updates, and let's make the next 100 days even more successful!