Successful Kick-Off for IN.TUNE WP5 Meetings in Barcelona

The first live meetings for IN.TUNE Work Package 5: Capacity Building and Innovation in Learning & Teaching, took place on May 14-15, 2024, at ESMUC in Barcelona. These meetings marked a significant step towards advancing the alliance's goals and aims in higher music education.

The objective of WP5 is to develop an IN.TUNE policy on capacity building and innovation in learning and teaching. During the meetings, members from all eight academic partners gathered to discuss and strategize on enhancing both academic and administrative staff development. The discussions were characterized by a collaborative spirit, with participants sharing valuable insights and perspectives.

A major focus of the meetings was the "Artist as Teacher" course proposal. The committee decided to implement this course starting November 2024, initially enrolling committee members to ensure the course is well-understood and effectively integrated across institutions. This approach aims to establish a solid foundation before expanding the course to a broader audience. The committee also explored the specifics of adapting the Artist as Teacher course to fit the unique needs of each institution.

Capacity building was another key topic. Members reviewed and refined the document on capacity building typologies, identifying strategies to enhance skills and competencies for both teaching and non-teaching staff. The consensus was to create inclusive courses that build a sense of community across institutions. This approach aims to foster a collaborative environment where all staff members can share knowledge and skills.

One of the significant proposals discussed was developing a common onboarding strategy for new hires, which would outline the core principles of the IN.TUNE Alliance. This proposal was well-received, emphasizing the importance of a consistent and comprehensive orientation for new staff across all institutions.

Proposals for adaptation strategies included implementing mentorship programs, providing ongoing feedback and evaluations, encouraging collaboration and networking, and offering professional development in the latest teaching technologies. These strategies aim to create a supportive environment that fosters innovation and excellence in teaching.

The discussions extended to redefining work groups and deliverables to better align with the IN.TUNE goals. Continuous evaluation and adaptation were emphasized to ensure the work-flow meets its objectives effectively. Key action points included inviting Artist as Teacher experts to the next meeting, revising the Capacity Building Typologies, and continuing to fill the Capacity Building Inventory. The committee also planned the distribution of open calls during the summer to ensure smooth progress.

The meetings in Barcelona set a productive and enthusiastic tone for the future of the IN.TUNE alliance. With clear goals, collaborative strategies, and a commitment to innovation, the participants left the meetings with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the work ahead. The outcomes of these discussions promise to bring significant improvements to teaching practices and capacity building across the participating institutions.