First Live WP6 Committee Meeting in Vienna: 4-5 June, 2024

Credit: mdw/ Stephan Polzer

The recent Work Package on Societal Engagement (WP6) Committee meeting at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna marked the first live session for the team. The meeting was a productive and insightful event for alliance members. The session began with a warm welcome and opening remarks, setting a positive tone for discussions. The initial focus was on the WP6 Matrix, which outlines activities across all involved universities in lifelong learning, employability, professional integration, and sustainable careers. This matrix provides an overview of strategies and ideas for the alliance's future.

Guidelines for the Working Groups were presented, offering valuable insights into collaborative efforts within the alliance. World Café sessions followed, featuring focused discussions on lifelong learning, employability, professional integration and sustainable careers.. Key points from these sessions were summarized in a wrap-up discussion, where common ground was found on a shared understanding of lifelong learning and its target groups. The discussions emphasized activities that strengthen students' career skills and provide knowledge about various professional fields.

An informal meet-and-greet with mdw colleagues already involved in the IN.TUNE alliance fostered networking and collaboration. Reflections on the previous day's discussions led to the transfer of resulting assignments to a working template for the Working Groups. The WP6 Committee meeting was highly productive, marked by meaningful exchanges and a clearer direction for future activities. It was an important opportunity for committee members to get to know each other better and prepare for effective cooperation in the coming years.