Helsinki Hosts Successful IN.TUNE WP4 Meeting

The IN.TUNE WP4 – Strengthening our research dimension – Committee concluded the first live and productive on-site meeting in Helsinki on May 15-16, 2024. Hosted by Uniarts Helsinki at the Sibelius Academy, the event brought together committee members for two days of focused discussions and collaborative sessions.

Participants engaged in a comprehensive inventory and comparative analysis of the alliance’s content and environment matrices. These analyses are crucial for understanding the current state of research resources and methods across partner institutions.

A major highlight of the meeting was the development of a common onboarding strategy for new hires. This strategy aims to outline the core principles of the IN.TUNE Alliance, ensuring new staff are well-integrated and aligned with the alliance’s goals from the outset. The proposal received positive feedback, emphasizing the importance of a consistent and comprehensive orientation process.

The committee also dedicated sessions to defining specifications for Working Group 1 and planning the profiles for Working Groups 2 and 3. These sessions aimed to set clear objectives and frameworks for future collaborative research projects. The discussions also touched on the importance of integrating research skills at various educational levels, acknowledging the need to strengthen research abilities from bachelor"s through to doctoral studies.

Key points from the meeting included the setup of IN.TUNE Knowledge Hubs, which will serve as think tanks for different research themes. These hubs will organize annual conferences to present their outcomes and engage with wider audiences. The committee discussed the specifics of these conferences, ensuring they are well-resourced and integrated into existing events where possible.

The committee also focused on developing the IN.TUNE Position Paper on Research. This document will outline the alliance"s stance on research in artistic education and propose improvements based on their experiences.

Additionally, plans were made for the creation and implementation of an IN.TUNE Repository of Research Outcomes, offering a coordinated digital space for publishing research results. This repository will enhance visibility, promote collaborative activities, and provide a platform for peer review.

The event wrapped up with discussions on annual reporting, monitoring work progress, and planning the committee’s activities for 2024-2025. Key action points included inviting external experts to the next meeting, refining the Capacity Building Typologies, and finalizing the Capacity Building Inventory. The committee also planned the distribution of open calls during the summer to ensure smooth progress.

The IN.TUNE WP4 meeting in Helsinki successfully laid the groundwork for future initiatives, fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared vision among the alliance partners. The meetings were marked by a vibrant exchange of ideas and a collaborative approach to setting future goals. Participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a solid framework for the next steps. These discussions and plans are set to enhance research practices and strengthen the academic fabric of the IN.TUNE Alliance, ensuring a robust and innovative future for music education.