IN.TUNE University Alliance to start on January 1st 2024

The European University Alliance IN.TUNE will start on January 1st 2024. Selected as one of the only seven new alliances under the 2023 Erasmus+ European Universities call, the IN.TUNE becomes one of the 51 alliances cooperating across borders and disciplines in the frame of the European Universities initiative, as the only one in the field of music and arts.

The IN.TUNE brings together eight universities in the field of music and arts from North, East, South and West Europe striving to deepen their cooperation to bring about institutional transformation and the enhancement of their quality, performance, attractiveness and international competitiveness, in line with the goals set by the European strategy for universities, emphasizing the important role of higher education in shaping sustainable, democratic and resilient societies.

The institutions forming IN.TUNE commit to the development of a joint long-term strategy with a strong artistic dimension for highquality education, research, innovation and service to society, and to be a model for the wider higher education community across Europe and beyond.

The design of the cooperation within IN.TUNE is based on the creation of frameworks, methodologies and policies, each containing specific activities and deliverables, and developed to support long-term sustainability.

The activities are set up around four main thematic areas: Joint Education Provision & Mobility, Research & Innovation, Societal Engagement and Alliance Governance & Cooperation. These areas will be addressed in eight work packages, with each institution being a lead partner for one work package but also collaborating in all others, so that expertise, commitment and workload are shared.

Main outcomes will be frameworks for seamless mobility, for cooperation in research and innovation, and joint policies for societal engagement.

Involvement of various institutional stakeholders is guaranteed through a wide range of activities and a transparent governance structure involving students, academics, and management and support staff. A group of 19 associate partners will assist IN.TUNE with expertise in the area of research and societal engagement, and provide platforms for the wide dissemination of results.